Welcome to the Blacklist: A List of Black Businesses

Welcome to the Minnesota Black List, a business listings service.  

We are working hard to get ready for you; click below on a category and take a peak inside while we complete our lists! Grand Launch September 1, 2019!

the blacklist

Home Services


From Babysitters to Contractors. find local, black owned businesses and service providers that care for you, your home and every associated aspect. 

Eats & Treats


Grocery stores, restaurants, delivery services, and everything in between! Find out all the hot spots to eat at, purchase from or contract for catering services for your next event. 

Entertainment & Arts


Clubs, Bars, Events, Arts, Attractions and more! Looking for a great night out? Want to find a cool event? The Blacklist has upcoming events, and locations that are black owned and run. 

Health, Wellness & Beauty


Hair, Nails, Make-up, Brows, Waxing, Skin care and more, all here, all black owned. 



Shop, Shop, Shop Black Businesses until you drop! Find black owned retail stores across the state here! 

Business Services


Find businesses that serve and support other businesses, in technology, consulting, networking and more.